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Case Studies


EMJAY Process Systems

EMJAY Process Systems turned to Streamline Integrations for help with designing a better bookkeeping and financial management system for their business. The use of cloud accounting technology has led to significant improvements to the business, providing flexibility, accurate measurement of company finances and ultimately more informed decision-making.

How did the new financial management system impact your business?

“It’s led to significant changes to our accounting system and allows us to have access to our finances when offsite. The direct bank feeds are also really helpful. When an invoice goes through Receipt Bank and Xero, right away I can see it in the system without needing to manually process. It has eliminated double and triple handling and reduces margin for human error.”

How did Streamline Integrations add value?

“Streamline Integrations was great at designing the system to work well for our business needs and then training us on how to use it easily. I appreciate the help I’ve received with using a cloud-based system and have enjoyed learning new technology that is both user-friendly and also quick and efficient.”

Beaches Air & Electrical

Beaches Air & Electrical turned to Streamline Integrations for help with financial management when they were looking to understand how to track company finances and needed a guide to great decision making. This new knowledge and understanding significantly benefited their business and provided them with the flexibility and confidence they desired, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best. 

When did you start working with Streamline Integrations?

“We started working with Streamline Integrations when we made the transition from sole trader to a company. They provided us with the right tools and information by setting up our Xero and Receipt Bank and taught us how to keep track of things.”

How did Streamline Integrations add value?

“We feel 100 times more confident. I didn’t need to attend a bookkeeping course and I didn’t need a bookkeeper which really freed up our time and provided us with great flexibility. Not only have they taught us how to grow, but they’ve covered us and made us feel protected, told us what to look out for and helped with making good decisions.”


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