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1. Discover


Leverage Technology


The discovery stage is a catalyst for taking a fresh look at how and why you’re doing things. It sheds light on how you can move forward to a more cost-effective and efficient system, while gaining the benefits of real-time reporting and better analysis of data.


We will want to understand how many members are in your team and what their roles are. Do they need to have mobility in access, or will they only access the system from the office? We will also consider your internet service… how fast your uploads are, NBN installations, and how stable your connection is.


Our team will then present options on combinations of software available to improve your systems. We will guide you through the pros and cons of various choices to help you select the best applications.

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1. Set-Up

Power-up your system


Once decisions have been made as to what systems will improve your processes, we enter into the set-up phase. This means we configure the programs to suit your business, clean data and test workflows to ensure that the system is doing what we want it to do. Ultimately, it can either be simple or sophisticated enough to add in a number of applications as you need them.

3. Integrate


Integrate applications


The next step is integration: ideally you only want to enter data once and retain that one source of truth to flow through all your applications. This not only saves time, but also reduces the opportunity for error. System integration means mapping processes so that we can link programs, import data and configure workflows. The best systems are often simple, will easily integrate with a number of other applications and plug-ins and importantly, will scale as your own business grows.

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4. Train

Bring in the people


Once the system is set-up and working, the next stage is to arm your team with the right tools and training to ensure a smooth transition. We collaborate with you to ensure the system is used how it is intended to be used.

We offer both initial and ongoing training and support. This can be through face-to-face training and also through interactive online help, chat, email and phone assistance. Webinars are available to create an efficient ongoing means for keeping your team up to date and trained in your system. 


“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

– Albert Einstein

5. Review


Ongoing improvement


Leveraging new technology is an ongoing process. We provide ongoing support and regularly review, so that we capitalise on new applications as they come on to the market to improve your system. 


“You cannot measure what you cannot measure.”

– Peter Drucker

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Security a priority


Your data needs to be as safe as your family. We can help you to keep the “front and back doors locked” by recommending trusted providers. You will be able to control who can access your data and what users can see and do.

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